approach love and cooking with reckless abandon

let's break this awkward silence

grab a coffee or a glass of wine, get comfortable in your favourite chair and get to know me

if I am lucky, after that, I will get the chance to get to know you!


a convenient name for a photographer ~ Ingrid Kue [ kû ] ~ as in the 'cue' to take the shot

the logo’s crazy circles represent the random way in which everything is connected, yet guide focus around the subject at hand
magenta (serious pink) is in honour of my two amazing girlies


commercial work [to me] is all about Persons, Places, Things

who makes the business what it is? 

where is the business & how awesome is the space? 

what are your products?  did I mention I love food?  and shooting underwater?

offering a solid business and entrepreneurial background combined with Photoshop skills and creative vision

a passionate perfectionist


love my family; my daughters, my husband, my parents  

love the oceans, the mountains, the earth

been accused of being a foodie, a coffee snob and wino with good reason  

favourite sports are anything adventurous, bike riding, scuba diving, skiing & yoga 

the languages and way of life of other cultures fascinate me 

off the beaten track traveling is where it is at, because it allows one to experience all of these amazing things together in the perfect blend 

as a closet conservationist I struggle daily with the challenge of making the ‘green’ choice for everything I do 

on a good day, when I am organized, I try to capture life and all it has to offer… one frame at a time


your turn ~ lets talk about you! 

perhaps I can help you